"Stock" Yamaha SuperJet Build

Reliable "Stock" 2012 Yamaha SuperJet Build


Build List

Hull: 2012 Yamaha SuperJet

Engine: OEM 61x/62t 701cc w/ ADA Racing Head

Exhaust: 61x OEM exhaust with H.S.I. water routing restriction kit and exhaust stinger sleeve

Carbs: Dual OEM 64u mikuni SBN 38's - H.S.I. performance modifications: Tee handle adjusters installed, choke removed / primer plugs installed, cyclone short stacks, tornado air filters, universal adjustable throttle drum, single soft throttle spring, and proper jetting (out of the factory 04+ SJ's are set up slightly lean to keep emissions happy).

Intake: OEM 62t/64u

Electronics: OEM Charging w/ MSD Enhancer

Pump: OEM 144mm with OEM Impeller

Handling: OEM Ride Plate w/ Worx Intake Grate and Kommander rear sponsons

Handle Pole: RRP Billet Lite Pole with carbon tubes and RRP Chin Pad

Steering/Controls: RRP X-Lite OVP steering, H.S.I. swivel billet throttle lever, ODI lock on grips

MIsc.: ADA racing / H.S.I. billet fuel cap, new OEM fuel tank, and new OEM hood seal.




Reliable, linear power that leaves the hole right when you grab the throttle! Just what the customer wanted.
This thing absolutely rips. First water test and tune with it, we didn't even have to touch the carbs from the specs that we set it up with in the shop.
(Send your mikuni SBN based carbs in to get serviced and redone, we'll have you on the water ripping in no time!)