H.S.I. BUILD - Rickter XFS Ninja Comp. 1100cc

Rickter XFS Ninja Competition

Our customer wanted a ski that easily would do backflips and spins, perform well, be reliable, all while staying within a budget. We did just that for him!

Our saying here at H.S.I. is - We BUILD skis, we don't just assemble them. We take pride in our work. Every individual build has the ability to reach it's top performance, and we always aim to get it there. 


This is no competition build. . .  But for the average rec rider wanting to do backflips with his buds, this is the ultimate set up for performance with reliability. All you have to do is mix your gas, and hit the green button. 

Click here to see it in action.


Here's the Build List:

Hull: Rickter XFS Ninja Competition

Engine: DASA Racing 1100cc Stroker

Exhaust: RRP Carbon Lay Down System

Carbs: Dual Performance Mikuni 46mm

Intake: Dasa Racing w/ V-Force Reeds

Electronics: OEM Charging w/ MSD Enhancer

Pump: Skat-Trak Mag Set-Back 155mm

Trim: RRP 155mm System

Handle Pole: RRP Billet Pole w/ Carbon Tubes

Steering: RRP X-Lite OVP System

Misc. : Custom Intake Grate, Rear RRP Fuel Tank, HSI Billet Water Manifold, RRP Hood Scoop, & Antigravity Lithium Battery Waterproofed.

We blueprinted the tunnel tract and port matched every bolt on part that needed it for optimal performance.

Photographer: Havasu Photos, Model: Dailynn Evans