H.S.I. Build - LSP Pro-Series V2 900cc

Lee Stone Products Revolver - Pro Series V2

This customer is the shop's very own Demi Morgan's personal competition ski. 

In the words of Demi, "this 900 setup ACTUALLY scares me!" 

This build has a small bark with a BIG bite. Built 2 months out for the IJSBA Jet Ski World Championships, this ski has absolutely zero corners cut and was built to be a rocket ship for Demi competing in the 900cc class! 
These hulls arrive to our shop as a bare unit - no nut or bolt installed, we build the complete ski with all the running gear being aftermarket based off of Yamaha. The fit and finish of the LSP revolvers is the best craftsmanship of aftermarket hulls we’ve come by. Building this ski was a breeze!
TOP PERFORMANCE packed into this little full carbon fiber freestyle hull. 
Due to some misfortune one week out from World Finals, only 10 hours after her competition engine's rebuild, the engine in Demi's ski lost a wrist pin bearing. Luckily for good friends (Jackson Rod), we borrowed a 900rr XScream engine. That is what Demi competed on and what is currently still in the ski (pictured above). Last minute rebuild with a fresh bore and hone in house, this thing was ready to rip!
With this build we also tried a new exhaust system - the BUN Freestyle aluminum chamber and water box. Our findings - BEST performing exhaust system offered on the market. We now are a dealer for BUN products we liked the performance so much! 
Click here and here to see it in ACTION
Here's the Build List:
Hull: LSP Revolver - Pro Series V2 (Full Carbon)
Engine: XScream 900rr engine (10+mm stroke) (Yamaha based) compression 220 psi
Exhaust: BUN Freestyle aluminum exhaust system
Carbs: Dual Performance S.E. 50mm Carbs
Intake: XScream big reed manifold with V-Force reeds
Electronics: MSD Total Loss ignition system (single spark channels)
Pump: Skat-Trak Mag Set-Back 155mm
Trim: X-Scream LS-10 Pro Small Bore System
Handle Pole: Tigercraft Aura competition pole
Steering: RRP X-Lite OVP System
Misc.: H.S.I. kart style tank, H.S.I. Billet Water Manifold, Pitch Components Hood Scoop, H.S.I. Adjustable Throttle Lever, & Antigravity Lithium Battery Waterproofed.
Carbon fiber EVERYTHING that could be done. Dry weight of 210 lbs. Ready-to-ride weight (full fuel tank) 218 lbs. 
Action shot above by @121photo